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The Real Danger Of The Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Since it is invisible, it can be made to look like and act like whatever authorities want it to look like and act like. It can be like a God.

Religious authorities all over the world use idols of God to make people do things. Since they say God is invisible, priests and pastors give their idols whatever character they want. They also make sure people don't object by asking questions. People are supposed to just trust the experts. I mean the priest(s).

The same is being done with the virus. Since no one can't interview it and find out themselves, pastors announced that it can't pass through face masks. You were not supposed to ask questions and just trust them. It was given more characteristic traits, like how far it travels. You were not supposed to question that either.

That it is imperceptible to the human eye is its biggest danger. There is no way anyone can confirm or cross-check anything. Due to lack of replicability, people must defer their thinking to listening to what pastors are saying.

Trust the science/ Trust the experts

You can tell your children that's an oxymoron. Science emerges from skepticism, not from trust. Religion is founded on trust/belief. They have renamed religion as science and science as unscientific.

Turns out Carl Segan thought it might happen.

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