The Reason I Failed In Life

April 9, 2022

I fully understand it now. I did not seek help enough. I didn't want to bother others or waste their time. As a result, I was literally reinventing the wheel. Things I could have found just by asking around I discovered almost years later than I should have. At the same time, I was perpetually exhausted from finding things out myself.

I discovered how US universities recruited internationally like I was the first person to do it. I discovered employee referrals like I was the first person to ever apply for jobs. The same error I did when I was trying to get an editorial published. There were always tricks and secrets involved that I did not know about. People who get opportunities are not necessarily those who are the most talented but those who spend more time trying to work the system. And they are right in their approach. Very rarely is a system transparent. Very rarely does a system work the way it claims to work.

What do you mean "break the rules"? There are no rules out there. The system is a facade. What do you want? Ask around and find ways to bypass any rules that come in the way. Get an army of helpers to get the system out of your way. Be unstoppable.

Every single challenge I took from getting accepted to a foreign university to finding an on-campus job to finding a full-time job to getting an editorial published would have been 10x easier and faster if I had reached out for help. My potential helpers would have given me the tricks and secrets that I eventually discovered by myself. This does not mean I did not reach out for help. I reached out to only those people who were in the system precisely to offer help. They were simply incompetent, as I have