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The Scam Of Employment

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Just a rant

At work, you are constantly insecure about getting fired because you said something that your masters consider offensive. You get home only to eat, sleep, and get ready for another day of work. You are 100% replaceable. It is in their best interest to pay you less. Previously, you spent 16 years getting bullied in schools and college just to find a job that barely allows you to pay rent and buy food, after you give them 5 out of 7 days of your week. And you are probably already in education debt. How is this normal? The cost is almost infinitely more than the benefit. An average man living in a village can easily grow more food than he can buy with his meager income. Then, why do all this drama of education and employment if you can obtain the same benefits by farming? This is how people lived before wage slavery was sold in the name of good and respectable employment. There is no such thing as that. Just what is respectable about being a slave 5 days a week? People have been fooled. Employment is a scam. It has only made people pay for education and work incessantly for the basic necessities of life. And you are still not financially independent. You still depend on an employer for survival.

Education was sold to them. Now, 12 years of schooling doesn't even enable youth to earn enough to feed themselves. How is this a good deal? Just what else can you do for 12 years and come out absolutely a loser? Education is a massive sunk cost. I guarantee that if you follow any trade/discipline for 12 years straight, you will be very prosperous. You won't be beseeching like a high school graduate.

People say I don't respect authority. True, I don't. Society has failed to earn my respect. Schools, colleges, banks, governments, and religions have all disappointed me. Now, they get no love. I give them no thought.

Update on April 18, 2021 -

You pay 12 years for school and 4 years for college to prepare for jobs that don’t exist. People who understand this and still encourage youth to take this path belong to the biggest pile of dog shit. You’d better use the same money to buy a plot of land and grow fruits and vegetables.

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