The Trap Of Investments

There are those who spend extravagantly. Perhaps, that deserves criticism. But there are also those who make investing a virtue. You can find them on YouTube. You can find them in "get money", "grow rich", and other similar cults.

People invest because they hope to spend in future. They postpone consumption. I think of a friend's grandfather who invested quite wisely in his young days. In his old days, he earns more interest than an average man's salary. He owns multiple houses and condos. Financially, he is impressively successful. And it is time to cash out. But sadly, he is running out of time. What he loves the most is traveling and spending time with his grandchildren. The first ended on him when his doctor suggested he shouldn't travel on airplane. The second closed on him when he realized his grandchildren are old enough to have their own separate lives. Is this a lifetime of money managed well or a lifetime of life wasted?

We must understand the end of money is consumption. It must be consumed. You can consume it now or postpone it. You can postpone it even beyond death by passing it on to your descendants. Investment is not an end separate from consumption. It is only postponed consumption. You can deny consuming all your life and consume all at once when you become keenly aware of death, or you can consume as you age.

But I must tell you it is humbling to see an old man with dreams in his eyes and millions is his bank but no time in his watch. Is this an example of success or one of failure?

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