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The Tyrannical Gene

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

When I was in school, I didn't agree with how and what we were getting taught. I argued for academic freedom and a critical education while they defended the status quo. I refused to obey. They denied me pretty much all opportunities. Even when I won a class election democratically, they forcefully took my honor. I was 14.

When I got to college, I noted that they, too, could not take disagreements. They were mostly left-leaning. I gave no wind to feminism, socialism, racism, etc. There, too, I was denied all opportunities. The deal was simple. Support their propaganda. If you say anything that opposes the narrative, you are canceled.

The other group I met was the Churchians (those who worship a church or a pastor or both). Most of them treated me nicely only the first time they met me. They would try to convert me, fail miserably, and then hate. Their deal was the same. Criticize Churchianity and you are canceled. They said they were different from lefties but they were just as tyrannical. They couldn't take criticism either.

When I tutored at Mississippi State's athletic department, my bosses were again tyrannical. They talked shit behind my back. After a semester, a coworker found out that I was quietly fired. My bosses denied the news and asked my coworker's name (I denied of course). I never got any more hours though. Guess who lied here.

As an employee of Kelly Services, I worked with Starkville school district. They, too, were tyrants. I was once emailed because I once wore jeans. There was a regular substitute who wore a see-through blouse. Talk about it. All schools in the system pretty much fired me from unknown to futile reasons. When Starkville High removed me from the system, Ms. Ann (my boss at Kelly) mentioned that Ms. Erick from Starkville High had removed me. When I called Ms. Erick, she told me that Ms. Ann had removed me. I didn't even pursue the case anymore. What's the point of arguing with people who outrightly lie?

I have worked at places that were not tyrannical. In college, I worked at Student Support Services and Chick-Fill-A. Both were good. Neither tried to control or belittle me. Post-graduation, I worked at Liberty National Life Insurance company. I never felt unwelcome or tyrannized there. It is possible for people in power not to tyrannize their subordinates.

When I returned to India, I again noted that parents here dictate what their kids study in college, which kind of jobs they do, who they marry, etc. India is a hierarchical society where tyranny exists at pretty much all levels.

A good number of people I have met practice tyranny when put in positions of power, as teachers, parents, bureaucrats, bosses, etc. Men control and manipulate women. So many women do the same to men. This will to control others is what I call the tyrannical gene. It has become so common that people think it is normal.

That's why the threat of global tyranny is not surprising to me. All sins must be paid for. Those who have tyrannized others have spat on the sky. Now, the sky will spit back on them. And I won't be surprised.

PS. 1. The title is partly inspired by Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene". 2. I have discussed a related topic here

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