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The Way Of Faith

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Sept 8, 2019

"Don't think you are. Know you are," said Morpheus to Neo. This is the difference between belief and faith. Belief is intentional. Holding on to it implies lack of it. Faith is unintentional. It is unitary. It has no other side.

Believers go to mosque/church/temple, prays, and read the Quoran/Bible/Gita. They do the very same things on repeat. The faithful are laid back. They are aware that is it pointless to look for omnipresence. It is omnipresent. They know that it is pointless to pray. What is there to be said? What is there to be made known? They relax and watch flowers unfold themselves into fruition.

They know there is no need to worry because everything has already been taking care of. They know that spontaneous order isn't just an economic concept. They live free as birds, shine unattended as the Sun, and flow tumultuously like a river. They follow no doctrine and worship no idols. They don't do religion.

Believers struggle to believe. The faithful know that truth is not an object of belief.

Believers struggle with themselves. The faithful have already gotten rid of themselves. The faithful just live. They do nothing to get something or to avoid losing something. They do everything for the mere pleasure of doing it. They play to play. That's how they remain unattached and free in all their actions. They become doing nondoers or nondoing doers.

I can't tell anyone to do faith, because it is unintentional. There is nothing to be done. It is like sunshine. You step out and participate in it. You let yourself fall in it to experience it. You allow yourself to taste it, to become its object.

Belief is a function of ego. It is personal. Faith is egoless, selfless. Belief has led to religious and political conflicts. Faith does the healing. Belief has rules and structures to it. Faith only has freedom. Belief is "holding on to". It feels like a weight. Faith is "letting go of". It alleviates the load. Belief is an obstacle. Faith is the way.

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