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Wealth Lies Within Us

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Money and prosperity do not lie outside. They lie within us. We just have to bring outside the world inside. We don't need worldly opportunities. We must create our own world. To create here does not mean "to bring something into existence". I don't know if this meaning even exists, because what humans classify as something and nothing might utterly be a delusion. It means "to give form or structure to that which is formless." It is a sort of transformation.

Everything that exists in the world of man was created this way. This is how a potter creates a pot. He gives form to clay. And then empty air becomes a place to store things. The world that we have is what we have given form to. New things are not created but only formed for humans to witness. Nothing is new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). We witness their end when their form changes.

Most of what I write/create today I am not bringing into existence, because it always existed. I was born knowing a lot of it. It existed before my physical form. The rest of it was revealed. I merely gave it form. That which is reduced to discrete words when I type/write it probably always existed. This discreteness is a misnature (something bad about something's nature) of form. I don't know if I have created anything at all. Is it even possible to create something in the absolute sense? Perhaps I have created some of my personal experiences. Perhaps not.

In the given sense of the word, that which has not been created cannot be destroyed. You can destroy all forms and structures but not the formless that was given form to. You can destroy a pot but not pottery. You can destroy musical instruments but not music. The formless always was and will always be.

Anyway, the point is all wealth is a result of creation. Someone somewhere created something that people needed. When they bought it, they enriched the creator and everyone who helped him/her create it. Thus, creation is the main and the only source of wealth. So long we don't create -- give form to the formless-- we would stay impoverished or dependent on someone who is creating. In order to create, we must look away from the world of form/world of man. We must externalize/transform things from the non-physical realm into the physical. The best part is that the non-physical realm is infinite. Thus, the potential for wealth is infinite.

Here's an excerpt from an email I wrote to an acquaintance on Feb 11, 2022:

The other day I was describing the word "creation". Many think it is making something out of nothing, but that is a very unsophisticated way to think of creation. Nothing is new under the sun. All that is always was (time being an illusion). Only the form changes. When it takes a form that humans can interact with, they say something came into existence. When it turns into something humans can't interact with, they say it ended/died.

In this sense, when I create something, like an article, I don't pull it out of 0, I simply give form to something that always was. And I knew its existence since birth.

I can't decide what exists. I can decide only what I give form to.

Suggested lectures:

Some ideas I have presented above remind me of platonic idealism. I highly recommend these two lectures by George Brook.

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