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There is no spoon

It is all an illusion

May 25, 2022

Cause: spiritual

Manifested results: physical

Struggling with the physical world is akin to punching your computer because Carl Johnson won’t run faster. If you do want to make him run faster, you need to mess with the source code. Beating on your computer won’t make a difference at all.

The physical world is like a television screen. It is the output, not the input. Things happen in the non-physical/spirit world. The physical world is only the manifested result. If you want to change what happens in the physical, mess with the non-physical/spirit realm.

I remember when I was young, I would get rejected by employers and girls right and left. I never experienced a yes from girls. I almost never received a yes from employers. To overcome my rejections, I would try over and over again. But the result was always the same. I was trying to use the physical world as an input device, which it fundamentally isn't.

Here is the law of the non-physical world that I was violating: the law of attraction. We all are here on a spiritual journey. We resonate with only those people who are spiritually in tune with us. Looking back, I never met a single girl who was spiritually in tune with me. Most girls I met in college were either liberal or Churchian. In other words, they were under mind control. They used to say verbatim what they were programmed to say. Similarly, most employers were woke. By reaching out to them, I was wasting my time. The correct thing for me to do was to seek out people who were in tune with me. That's how resonance works. Massive flow of energy happens when frequencies match.

If you want to change your physical reality, look into the spirit/non-physical world. See what you can do there. Every change you make there will be manifested on this screen called the physical world.


How do we know who we should reach out to? It is quite obvious. We tell our stories via our choices: what shoes we wear, whom we date, what jobs we like to do, what lifestyle we like to live, etc. We leave our spiritual fingerprints on everything we do.

Most times, you can just feel it when you are spiritually not in tune with someone. I knew I was out of tune with pretty much every employer and every girl. I did not look for that connection because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find mundanely recruiters and girls at my level of spiritual awareness. I'd get annoyed whenever recruiters asked me to tell them about myself. I would instinctively think, "the self is an illusion/very fluid. There is nothing to be known there," but could not say it. I had to come up with stupid responses like "what specifically would you like to know?"

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