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They Don't Have To Repeal The 2nd Amendment

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Just thinking

Rights are mostly useless because they exist only on paper. Therefore, the ruling class does not worry about them. Only the second amendment is practical. So long it exists, evil forces can’t come out in the open. They must continue being surreptitious. If they want to come out, they must disarm the public first. Therefore, I think that they may use a different route.

1. They may use propaganda to condition youth to not like hunting. Pastors in Texas may start telling youth that good Churchians are peaceful: “just why do you need to hunt or even target practice? Why would you feed your aggressive instincts?”

2. They may disturb supply chains to make guns more expensive.

3. They may introduce more red tape. Future generations may have to go through more background checks and face more educational requirements, income requirements, license costs, etc. To impose more requirements, they just need statistics to show that richer and more educated people are less likely to misuse guns. Most modern people are suckers for statistics.

4. Of course, they’d do it slowly so no one notices.

5. Future generations would think that gun ownership has always required that much much paperwork.

6. Once people have been moved out of rural lands and packed into urban centers, local governments can make guns illegal within city limits.

7. They don’t need to repeal the second amendment. They only need to lower the percentage of gun owners.

8. Once the percentage gets low enough, gun owners can be marginalized or called crazy for fearing the government.

9. Subsequently, people who have never owned guns can be convinced that guns are mostly useless since they never had to buy or use them.

10. With a few false flags events, guns can be characterized as useless and harmful. Since the majority would have never owned a gun, they would likely agree with it.

10. People who support gun rights and explain why people need them to protect them from tyranny can be censored or called conspiracy theorists. Since they would become a small minority, the masses wouldn't know that they [gun rights activists] have been censored.

11. At this point, strict gun laws can be imposed. The majority would be all for it and probably ask for it in the wake of "recent violent riots".

12. Once gun ownership is reduced to a point where the government becomes more powerful, evil forces can come out in the open and take over. However, if the population increased too much (birth + immigration) and the growth is geographically distributed, the government would a massive problem at hand. Too many people spread out are hard to rule over even if they are unarmed.

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