Education's Attempt To Destroy Rebels

Updated: Mar 6

When I think of schools, I think of Zoos. Just like animals are trained in Zoos, children are behaviorally shaped to be mindless and obedient. Those who sit at a desk, do not interfere in someone else's job, do everything they are told are rewarded. In older days, non-compliant students used to get punished. But modern schools have become better. They have figured out that punishment doesn't eliminate the punished behavior. It only temporarily suppresses it. A better means to eliminate a behavior is "non-reward" or "time out". The former is when teachers absolutely ignore those they do not like. The latter is when dissenters are detained. This behavioral shaping is administered over 12 years. And we wonder why the modern generation is so pathetic. This is all they have ever seen. For more than a decade, they have seen critical thinkers and thought leaders get detained and not get any opportunity in school, while those sneaky teacher's pets bagged all the opportunities. This is the only paradigm they have seen. Vicarious conditioning is a thing. They have been given only one message -- OBEY. It makes me think of Broly in Dragon Ball Z. King Vegeta attempted to kill him because they feared he might grow up to destroy him. This is exactly what the system is doing. It is killing all who may grow up to destroy it. These are young children who ask questions, resist being taken advantage of, speak against classroom tyranny, and outdebate their teachers. If they are not stopped, they would grow up to become leaders who may subdue the status quo. They would grow up to challenge King Vegeta. Therefore, all forms of behavior shaping are used to destroy their spirit before they get old enough to become powerful, preemptive measures they say. However, Broly survived. There are men who do survive 12 years of torture. They come back harsher. They will not allow the system to win. They may fall and retreat but get up again to claim their spot because their power level is over 9000. By the way, Frieze did to the Saiyans exactly what King Vegeta did to Broly. He killed them before a Super Saiyan could rise to defeat him, yet this is exactly what happened. He took beatings from Goku, Trunks, Vegeta, and Broly. This is gonna happen.

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