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Three Jokes About Creation

It was the spring of 2017. I met Parker Dingeldein in Griffis Hall. He was a Resident Advisor (RA) there. He soon started proselytizing to me. Later, I found out he was deep into conversation artistry. He once told me that something can come out of nothing. He was referring to the Big Bang. I was like, "perhaps." I did not know any better anyway. However, sometime in 2018, it occurred to me that things can come out of nothing. Three-dimensional objects are a repetition of two-dimensional forms, which are repetitions of one-dimensional forms, which are repetitions of a point, which does not exist. I knew this was a funny thought to have. I soon forgot about it.


Last year, I came up with a story to amuse my cousin. A creator can create the world without revealing the secret. Ask him where solids came from. He can say, "hmm, you take a two-dimensional shape or a sheet (x,y) and you run it multiple times in the third dimension (z)."

"But two dimensional objects have no thickness. You can multiply them infinite time. you still won't get a solid."

"They do have a thickness. It is dz."

"How much is dz?"

"It is the smallest quality but bigger than 0."

"Well, if dz is the smallest, wouldn't dz/2 be smaller than that? And would be dz/3, dz/4, dz/5, and so on? Wouldn't there be infinite numbers between 0 and dz?"

"dz is not a finite quantity that can be divided. It is a concept, an ideal."

"Ok, where did the two-dimentional shape pr sheet come from?"

"Well, you take a line of length x and run it vertically multiple times."

"But a line is a breadthless length. Running it multiple times would make no difference in the y dimension.

"It does have a breadth."

"What is it?"



Another fun line of thought is things don't have to be created from their parts. They can be carved out of something else. They can be given form. This is how statues, sandcastles, and papier-mâché items are made. Material that already exist is given a different form.

In this joke, a creator can tell induce form into formlessly floating Hydrogen atoms. The form would transform into stars, which would transform into metals and non-metals. In this view, nothing is ever created or destroyed. Things are only transformed.

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