To Understand The Universe, Understand Women

Updated: Feb 11

Some thoughts occurred to me earlier today. I have tried my best to verbalize them. I felt compelled to share. Don't take me seriously though.

Understand her secrets. But women are so clueless that they don't know their own secrets. They need men to understand them and tell them about themselves.

Men are likely more self-aware than women. This is not particularly bad. Lacking awareness of the self means more unification with that which is not self. I am talking about that which lies outside the bubble of the self. I know not what that is because it lies outside the realm of knowledge.

The Universe cannot reveal its secrets because it is not aware of them itself. It is like woman. She can't reveal her secrets, because she does not know them herself. She needs an interpreter "a man" to tell her about herself.

Via the experience of women, man discovers woman, or let's say she is revealed to him. Then, he tells her about it as if she never knew it herself, which is both true and false. This is not to say that she is playing a game with him because she is he, and he is she. They are really not two beings but two thoughts perhaps? He tells her about her but at the same time learns about himself.

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