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Truth Holds Things Together. Without Truth, There Is Only Death.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Without truth, everything falls apart. People don’t see it because they only see the material realm. But I see death everywhere. I see dead people, mutilated bodies, stench everywhere. They have all died because the spirit has left them. From a material perspective, their bodies are still working, reluctantly though. From a spiritual perspective, they have already died. They have sinned so much they suffering from spiritual atrophy or decay. They have severed all contacts with their conscience.

Now, they are looking for an agent to end their physical existence, too. Many welcome suicide. Others will be liberated when unknown forces destroy them. And in death they will rejoice, for justice will reconnect them with the spirit. I have expanded on this them here, Justice Will Restore Them And Death Shall Be Life

Thus, truth alone is life. Without it, there is only death.

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