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Tyranny Is Not Imposed. It Is Achieved

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Tyranny is not imposed. It is achieved. You cannot tyrannize a population that does not hold tyrannical views. A leader can do only what people more or less accept.

Why is it unprecedented that governments want to discriminate against the unvaccinated and treat them as second class citizens? Why is it unprecedented that they want to silence and censor people who disagree? Where else have we seen it?

Have we ever seen leftists who discriminate against non-leftists and treat them as second class citizens? They do it openly by painting non-leftist ideas as racist, hate speech, and whatnot. They do everything to cancel contrary opinions.

Have we ever seen feminists cancel (discriminate against) non-feminists and do so openly by painting non-feminists options as sexists and misogynistic?

Have we seen Christians discriminate against non-Christians and treat them like second class citizens (gentiles)? In the American south, I saw so many Christian businesses and non-profits discriminate against non-Christians because they were looking for employees that have Christian values of humility, trust, etc. Do they silence and censor people who disagree?

Whenever an employer is throwing out terms like “similar values” or “diversity and inclusion”, that’s soft language for discrimination. Have we seen employers silence and terminate people who disagree?

Have we seen teachers who dislike students who do not obey and justify it by calling them “problem kids”?

Have we seen girls who do not want to talk to guys who disagree with them?

Did we not see people who thought highly of themselves because they wore a mask, practised social distancing, took the vaccine, and disliked people who didn’t do any of it? Did we not see people who supported discrimination against and forced segregation of the unvaccinated?

How is any of it different from governments' discriminating against those who refused the vaccine and doing it openly by calling them extremists, conspiracy theorists, and whatnot?

Tyranny happens with the consent of the people when they already have tyrannical views. People have already accepted discrimination and control as a part of their lives, as I showed above. They actively and openly discriminate against and censor people they don't agree with in the guise of fake virtues. They have normalized this behaviour.

Patterns of behaviour that governments are producing are no different from those produced by everyday people. So where is tyranny? Is it outside the border of the city waiting to be imposed by the monarch? Or is it amongst the people? I say neither. It is in the spirit of man. Overt tyranny might arrive soon, but spiritual tyranny has been here for a long time. I have faced it all my life.


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