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Vaccine Reminds Me Of Car Insurance

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Drugs can be given only to the sick. But vaccines can be given to everyone, even to perfectly healthy people. Once a goverment mandates it, vaccine manufacturers can make a killing. It becomes a completely protected industry, its profits insured by law. They don't even have to advertise because thousands of babies are born every day, and nurses and doctors are instructed to vaccinate them. Just what can be a better investment? No wonder they can afford to control the media. There are only two other things you can sell everyone: food and clothes. No one has ever forced either on people.

Car insurance is the same concept. Under the guise of public safety, governments bring them [care insurance providers] customers and punish those who don't want to buy (does it sound similar?). You must purchase insurance to ride your car legally. You pay even when you don't ride for a few weeks. You are essentially a slave who works to pay an insurance company every month just to drive your car. There is a simple solution to paying for insurance: an individual who destroys life and property must pay for damages. If he can't afford it, his assets can be seized and sold. If he has nothing at all, a recurring fine can be deducted from his future paychecks, which can't be so high that it incapacitates him from working. In some cases of property damage, he can also reconstruct with his own hands whatever he damaged. There is no reason to treat automobile accidents any differently from other accidents. On the contrary, to make everyone pay for it preemptively is just business or robbery, no different from selling vaccines to the healthy. It's just a burden on people. The exploits are siphoned off by insurance companies, which probably redirect to their portfolios cash flows from monthly payments. They win. You lose. They are masters. You are a slave.

Monthly insurance payment is like a monthly tax. The only difference is young people are discriminated against. No, don't even give me bullshit about young drivers' being prone to accidents. They may be, but the data do not tell us anything about the individual. Does a given individual exemplify the trend or negate it? Without that knowledge, we are bound to punish one for the crimes of many. This is precisely what discrimination means. Insurance companies discriminate against young people because some young people (in the data) drove recklessly. There is no regard for the individual here.

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