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We Become What We Do

Updated: Apr 1

Want to find out what you are truly capable of? Take up a challenge that looks impossible. You don't know what you are truly capable of until you are forced into the corner.

In textbook psychology, it is agreed upon that behaviour is caused mostly by the situation a person is placed in. Once a behavior is done long enough, it becomes part of the individual's self-perception. There is no such thing as a lazy person, but lazy behaviour does exist. A man who does it long enough is deemed to be lazy. Since there is no such thing as a stable constant self or personality, it is impossible to overestimate ourself. We simply become what we do. We simply find out that we are more capable than we think we are when we do things that demand more than what we think we are capable of. In other words, we are as capable as our biggest doubt.

Since we become what we do, why choose to be anything less than the very best? Why defile ourselves with mediocrity? What is the fun in doing something we know we can? We must take up the biggest challenge we can take, something that induces worry and doubt. Taking up big challenges teach us how big challenges are completed. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the self-discovery and the learning. When a baby takes the first step, he generally falls. He does not know whether he will ever walk, yet he gets up again. That's how we must aspire to be. We must take challenges that knock us down and force us to grow beyond. We must play against the greatest opponent. We must battle the fiercest dragon so we become the greatest we can be.

We can do anything we want, for the path itself teaches the traveler how to traverse it. We just need to take the first step.

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