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We Must Create A New Reality

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Governments around the world made a monumentous collective effort to eliminate covid. Imagine if they did the same to eliminate hunger and homelessness. Cures for both are cheaper and easier to implement. Victims of both are not infectious.

Recently, the UN uploaded an article about the benefits of world hunger. It suggests that world hunger is good because hungry people are desperate enough to work for little to no pay. They have taken it down, but the Wayback machine has already archived it.

Satirical or real, there is no reason to suggest that elites don’t think like that. Prevailing knowledge in India suggests that castism emerged from the same line of thought. The nobility kept lower castes out of education to ensure access to cheap labour. Slavery existed in so many countries for the exact same reason. Colonialism happened for the same reason. Modern slavery or wage slavery exists for the exact same reason. Education loans that students can’t declare bankruptcy out of exist for the same reason. Many career coaches advise young graduates to not mention their student loans so employers don’t take advantage of their situation. In several of my articles, I have stated that wages are kept artificially low to help the capital class. Poverty exists because there are people who benefit from poverty. It will exist as long as people who benefit from it exist. This is why I say that 9-5 lifestyle (slave-master relationship) is not normal.

Story time:

When I was 15, I told some of my peers not to go into engineering. They laughed at me. My argument was simple: mass production of engineers via standardized education would devalue engineering to a point that engineers would sell at the price of toast, which has become true today. India keeps exporting its excess produce of engineers all over the world. We still have massive reserves of unemployed engineers. My hypothesis was that the industry needed engineers at low wages to sell more technology

This was one of the major reasons why I travelled to the US. I wanted to escape standardized education. In the US, I stayed undeclared for as long as I could. I came up with my own individualized program, which my financier (my parents) did not agree with. But I still managed to escape a factory-like education, the result of which is visible in my works.

Growing up, I kept my pessimism to myself, but I saw the spirit of tyranny in most adults, even in parents, who don’t allow their children to read certain books or explore other religions. They want to control their intellectual and spiritual growth.

How can we change this?

We must know that reality is manifested. What happens in the physical is a reflection of what is happening inside us. Society is a microcosm of the individual. Contrary to popular opinion, governments are not the sole problem. Governments are only a small part of the world. They are simply one part of the reality that humanity has collectively manifested. They represent the insecure part of the human spirit. If we want to manifest a different reality, we must change ourselves first.

A simple 60-day challenge

1. No television

2. No social media

3. No YouTube

If you want to take this a step beyond

4. No sugar or salt after sunset

5. Limited to no fastfood

6. No packaged food

7. No smartphone

If can you can’t do the first three for 60 days, you have a serious problem.

If you do the challenge, you will likely not go back to doing the things you quit. Via television, social media, and YouTube, we are being made to feel lower emotions that are keeping us trapped in lower vibrational states. Once we feel a higher emotion, we would never want to return to a lower vibration state. When we change, others change via contagion. This is the creation of a new reality. We all are nodes of creation, creation being decentralized. What songs we collectively sing determine what is being heard throughout the forest, by all her silent beings. Are you wit me!

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