We Must Elect Young Leaders

Updated: Apr 21

They will never admit their wrongdoings.

No government ever admits that they did something wrong. Instead, they double down on proving they were right by saying that the people they hurt deserved what they got. They were bad people anyway. They come up with twisted ideas to justify their behaviour.

Socialist governments don't stop when things go south. They become more socialistic.

Racist/classist governments don't stop either. They come up with propaganda to vilify the oppressed class.

Their goal is to ensure that the oppressed are viewed as so wretched and inhumane that the majority becomes indifferent towards them. Once the majority views the oppressed class as so inhumane that basic morality does not even apply to them, all hell breaks loose. The government can then tyrannize the oppressed as the majority cheers for it. In fact, the majority would likely assist the government in its evil deeds.

We must elect young leaders.