We need to be laser-focused because we are not immortal

Nov 21, 2021


Lately, I have been a bit concerned about financing this blog. I have paid for it up to Jan 2021. After that point, I may have to suspend this blog because I can't support it indefinitely. I simply don't have enough exposure to justify putting money and time into it. This year, I have had a meager 510 unique visitors. I can reach more people by manually going house to house or emailing people individually. I can send 500 emails in a week or two. I will continue the website if I manage to generate income directly or indirectly using the material I provide here.

This caused me to look for other sources of finances. I thought about selling some NFTs. I set up a simple one here. I am jumping into copywriting, too, I have sent a few emails. Let's see where that goes. The NFT market has massive potential. I almost got distracted because I have tons of material that can be repurposed as NFTs.

But I did not set out to do anything other than telling the truth. I don't care about selling NFTs and making a lot of money. My first project was a WordPress blog. The first pitch I ever sent was an article that still has not been published after 7 years. I can't let money or lack of it distract me. I must stick to doing what I set out to do.

I can do other things on the side, but I can't lose my focus. I need to do exactly what I must do. Everything else is unimportant. I must be laser-focused. Time is limited and ever-receding.

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