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What Are You Doing To Prepare For Life?

How to live & how to die?

Are you working hard in school to go to a good college?

Are you working hard in college to find a good job?

Are you excelling at your workplace so you can get a promotion?

Are you honing your talents? Are you sharing your talents? No?

Which of the above goals are optional and which one is undeferrable and must be accomplished? If you failed to go to a good college or get a good job, it wouldn't be a big deal. If you failed to share your talents, it would be the worst end ever. You would have to literally take another birth to finish your job. You would be depressed in the grave. You wouldn't be able to fall asleep for the very last time. So arrange for your last rite when you are still here.

We can't win in this life. We can only lose. We are all born with the ultimate wealth a man can ever have: time. No man has ever bought it or will ever buy it. This way, we are born wealthy. Our only choice is how we spend all our wealth. We can focus on things that are optional, which is what most people do. Or we can spend it wisely on things that are of utmost importance.

12-year-old me used to study two grades above mine so he could go to college. He prepared for goals that were important in the universal scheme of things. He waited for life to get a bit stable. He was wrong. If I could go back to that time, I would quit reading extra and make sharing my talents my very goal. I would write down all my philosophical ideas and social commentaries. I can only imagine the portfolio I would have created. I would have been financially successful very early in life.

Gold sitting in a mine is valuable but can't be sold in the marketplace. You must bring it out to the market. Similarly, you must bring out all your talents and tell as many people about them[your talents] as you can, like a salesman on a busy street, like a vendor at a farmer's market. Be your salesman. Tell the world how great you are. Wealth lies within you. Let it come out.

This is how you prepare for life. Start sharing your talents as early as you can and go all out. Empty yourself before time runs out. We must teach this to the coming generations. Going to the grave with your talents unleashed will never allow you to rest in peace.

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