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When I Couldn't Understand Dowry

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

When I was in high school, boys were making all attempts to talk to girls. They were doing all sorts of drama, saying all sorts of things just to impress girls. They were even taking punishments from teachers for saying things that society deems offensive when said to girls. It looked like girls had the power. I could not break down why women had to pay to get married. I only saw guys doing the buying and spending.

Now, I understand what happened. Girls rejected every one. 10 years down the line, men are neither as romantic nor as desperate. In fact, they have pretty much learned to live single. They don’t really long for a partner anymore. At the same time, girls are neither as nice to talk to nor as attractive. The dynamic has flipped. I understand why girls now will pay to get married and still get treated like just a housemaid. Men have simply outgrown that phase in which girls held the most value. Or they can still marry for free if they choose everyday men. If they continue chasing men in the top 10 percentile, they are bound to die single or pay dowry.

And this is it. They say you must pay for the consequences of your actions. I never guessed that you have to pay literally.

Ps. This is merely a cursory univariate look at dowry. Don't take me too seriously.

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