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Where Science Fails

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

I am continuing the thoughts presented here

Science is never settled, which implies that is always unsettled.

Science is a self-correcting ongoing process, which implies that it is always wrong and will always be wrong (science will continue to be self-correcting). New evidence humbles every scientist and apologist of science. Centuries of scientific progress get proven wrong when new evidence emerges. There is no reason to think that there will come a time when we will have seen it all. In other words, new evidence will never cease to emerge. I am not suggesting that the pursuit of Science is worthless. I am suggesting that the apotheosis of Science as some sort of divine guidance is misguided because Science will never find the truth.

How then can we find the truth? I am inclined to think that revelation might be the only source of truth. Here, I am not speaking of everyday truths but of eternal principles.

Seeking truth is a verb. Verbs imply intention. Intent implies a subject of intent. But the subject is an illusion. It is an illusionary cloud of perception, intention, biases, and illusions. How can something in space be observed/seen when the sky is cloudy? Therefore, truth can not be sought. It can only be found or revealed. When it is revealed, it does not have to go through or be processed via a cloud of intentions and the source of intention. It stays pure and unadulterated.

But don't think of it as truth reaching out to someone. That is not how it works. It is more like it was always there, and in a moment of insight, in a moment of unintentional clarity, the clouds of illusion cleared and the other side was seen. And you realized it was always there. It is like you saw a secret meeting of squirrels and dogs where they were shaking hands. They looked at you and quickly went back to running and chasing. They acted like you did not see anything. And you went "daaaaammmmnnnnn, so this was all a facade." You were not looking for it. You were just taking a stroll. It was merely a matter of chance that you saw the secret meeting, which others did not see because they were too busy intentionally looking for truth. Ever had the experience of looking for a lost household item that you found when you quit looking for it? This is no divine occurrence. Intention makes you blind to everything that is not the point of intention. It severely limits your vision. Without focus, you become hyperaware, almost superconscious. Truth is not revealed to he who is looking intentionally looking for it but to he who is swimming in the ocean of Dao, unintentional and unmotivated. He acts with no intentions, no motivations. It is almost as if he does not even act.

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