Why Computers Will Never Rival Humans

Updated: Mar 6

I wrote this piece sometime in the summer of 2019.

Ever heard of an artist who can recreate an entire city on canvas from the memory of flying over it? Even the best cameras can't do that. Ever read a poem that paints a picture better than movies do? Musicians sound better live than they do on Spotify. The reason we think that computers have a chance against humans is that we don't know ourselves at all. We are clueless about our limitlessness.

Computers process only digital data, not analog. They must break down streams of information into 0s and 1s. Information is lost in that conversion. In fact, it is no longer the original signal. Humans, on the other hand, can experience analog signals without having to break things down into smaller chunks. Humans can experience the signal along with other humans (synchronistically), along with the universe. That is a difference no computer can close.

Even the most sophisticated AI has to do trial and error. It rejects the wrong responses and feeds the right one back into the system. But it remains unsure if the right response is right only temporarily (for the sample of data available) or universally. Humans don't have to rely on trial and error. They can get it right the first time. AI can do that only if a lot of data is already available.

What AI accepts as data very much limited compared to what humans do. Humans can experience infinite data, the sounds that have not been recorded, views that have not been captured, feelings that have not been defined. There is no limit to how far humans can go. In fact, humans are infinite to start out with before they are told they are not yet people wonder if thoughts manifest into reality.

If you eliminate all data, AI will die. But a human baby somehow knows to get his parents' attention. His lungs, kidneys, and heart know how to do their jobs, without any learning whatsoever. His entire body knows exactly how to operate, with no prior data. Somehow, he can befriend even animals. We see the same in nature. All trees know how to grow. They know when to make fruits and pollinate. Somehow, their activities are well-coordinated with the weather and with the Sun. All animals know where to migrate to. They know exactly what to eat, without looking up on the internet. They know how to procreate without sex education. They know how to bond and work together without being educated in psychology or leadership. Even domestic cats know how to hunt without being trained.

We see the evidence everywhere. There is nowhere we can look without getting amazed at an uncanny intelligence. It is everywhere. I am talking about things we can see, hear, smell, and feel. There are vibrations under 20Hz and beyond 20,000 Hz, and electromagnetic waves whose frequencies are lower than that of red light and more than that of violet light. This, my friend, is a glimpse of the intelligence we experience via the five senses.

But there is a world beyond it. Our auditory system may not detect sound vibrations but our bodies wave along with all, like a boat that experiences all vibrations in the ocean, no matter how minute. With every electromagnetic wave, with every quantum fluctuation, our bodies are bound to wave, too. Intelligence is not limited to the brain. Nerve cells run all the way to the tips of our fingers. But the tips of our finger is not where we end. We simply change forms there.

Some think skin separates the body physically from the universe. But it is porous. For small organisms, it is not even a boundary, just like a fishermen's net is not a net for a bacteria living in the ocean. This separation from the universe is 100% an illusion. Matter and energy flow in and out constantly. In fact, there is no in and out.

Update on Dec 7, 2020 -

People ask Google. I ask the Universe. And this is the limit AI. It's a sum of all things man-made and still close to nothing when compared with the Unknown.

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