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Why I Dreaded Employment & Loved Free Agency

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

I remember how difficult it was for me to deal with recruiters in 2017. They used to ask some really stupid questions.

"Tell me about yourself."

"My shoe size is 9, though sometimes I need a 10."

"What are some of your strengths and weakness?"

"Not important. Skills can be learned.

"Tell me 3 of your core values."

"There is no such thing as core values. Almost all of your choices, preferences, beliefs, and values have been programmed. The self is incredibly malleable."

Of course, those were only my thoughts. As you can see, recruiters were so stupid that I had to artificially dumb myself down so I don't make them look stupid. They probably were not looking for someone like me but for someone even more stupid than they. No wonder they would complain about candidates' not meeting their standards.

The same was true before college. Whenever I tried to get any opportunity, I had to deal with stupid gatekeepers who would ask me to get a college degree. I wasn't in favor of that. I feared I would become just as stupid as they.

I experience the same in high school, too. It was very hard for me to get anything. Teachers helped students who were more stupid than themselves or were fine with bootlicking.

This is why, from an early age, I was a big fan of free agency. I did not want dumb authorities to come in my way and create hiccups. I wanted to serve the market directly. I knew by intuition that employment would take me nowhere, as it did turn out. The things I can say on this blog would have never reached you had I depended on someone to employ me.

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