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Why I Removed The Comment Section

Principle: say only as much as necessary

Expressing on the internet has become so easy that people express more than they should. I don't want you to express every single thought in my comments, nor do I want others to reply to your thoughts. This is not a social media site. If you want to comment on my work, you are welcome to write me an email. The extra step forces you to think if what you are about to say needs to be said. Is it necessary? If it is not, why malign the sound of silence with unnecessary words. Why burden someone's ears with unnecessary noise? Say only as much as necessary.

I also don't want to give you the opportunity to satisfy your social needs virtually. If you need people to talk to, find real people.

Another reason is I don't want you to waste your time setting up a password just so you can comment and receive reply notifications from people you never met and will never meet. This whole thing is stupid.

The worst part of it all is I won't be able to preserve your comments when I make hard copies of all my writings. They will be deleted when this project ends, just like every single YouTube comment will die when YouTube dies. Why even waste time typing frivolous things! Say only as much as necessary.

I want to make this site as minimalistic as possible. The purpose is to share my ideas, not to build a following, not to engage in meaningless chatting, not to create a community or cult. As I said previously, if you want to share your views with me, send me a letter or an email. My contact information is in the menu and in the footer.

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