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Why I Thought Terrorists Are Gov. Org.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

When I was in college, I used to spend a lot of time thinking about organic and inorganic markets. Organic markets represent economic activities that people need or want. Inorganic markets are artificially imposed upon. I thought these markets can be exploited for nefarious ends.

There was a lot going in college that I thought people would never willingly pay for. I thought that tax money should be used very conservatively, not to create an artificial/inorganic economy. There was a time when I thought that skill-based education like Engineering shouldn't be financed with public money because it disproportionately benefits corporations. Engineering education looked like corporate training financed by the public. Then, these graduates prefer to work for corporations over small companies, giving corporations an unfair advantage. Therefore, engineering education was against my idea of anti trust.

I already know that all corrupt institutions are tax funded. Why would people fund institutions that are engaged in anti-social activities? By eliminating taxation, we can eliminate them. Then, I discovered that religious institutions are also tax-funded, in a sense.

In 2019, it occurred to me that terrorist organizations have to be paid for with tax money because no man in his right mind would do business with them. If people don't do business with them, where do they get their resources from? Exactly where all criminals get their resources from. The free market will never support players that destroy the market itself.

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