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Why Internet Is Full Of Stupidity

Popular profiles and sites are promoted by the algorithms, which makes them more popular, which is boosted further by the algorithms. This is how something goes viral. Profiles and sites that don't post flashy, popular, and clickbait type of material get very limited visitors, which causes the algorithm to demote them, which limits their reach. As a result, many great sites get lost in the black hole of the internet. This site might be one of those. This is also why libraries and bookstores are still better sources of education than the internet even though the internet has vastly more material on it. Libraries keep quality books, not necessarily popular books. Internet algorithms, however, punish meaningful content and inundate our feeds and search results with dumb shit. This is also why finding genuine people on the internet is very hard even though millions of people are on it. Their profiles simply get lost into oblivion.

The internet is a popularity contest. If you do not like participating in elections, you should not be participating on the internet. Go where you can succeed based on your merit.

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