Why It Can Only Be Formless

Updated: Mar 6

Very few who idolize Tesla have ever read any of his works. Very few who are enchanted by the mystique of Vivekananda have ever read his works.

Sinful people appear driven to idolize people, which dampens the truth they [people who are idolized] want to tell. They are obsessed with forms. The worship of forms causes truth to be forgotten. Truth never comes in forms. Only when all forms dissipate can truth be revealed. Whatever God is if is, it must be formless for it to stay pure or sacred. If it takes a form, people would fixate on the form and ignore what it has to reveal. They would focus not on what is being said but on who's saying it. They would just turn into idolaters. When the sayer is being focused on, it is idolatry. When what is being said is focused on, people become free from idols.

It must be formless for it to be in everything and in everyone. How else can it be omnipresent if it has a form? It can have no name, for it belongs to no tongue. All tongues are its forms. It is formless, but all forms are its. It must be devoid of features for all features to be its forms.

If you describe the unknown in books and songs, you are having fun. However, if you look for the unknown in books and songs, you are fundamentally misdirected. It has no form. Thus, it can't be formulated. Yet all forms are its.

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Since truth is independent of the sayer, it is perverted to debate his status. Christ urged people to keep the law, not to punish sinners.

All forms are subject to interpretation. Thus, truth must be formless. It can’t be read, listened to, or looked at by a subject, revealed