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Why Late Marriages Are Concerning

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

People grow up when responsibility calls. My American (in the south) peers made much more effort to be datable/marriageable than my Indian peers do because they used to get married in college or right after college. Their parents were likely even more mature at 18 since they had to clean up their act and get married right after high school. To be competitive in the marriage market, they probably had to reach the same level of maturity as Indians reach at about 28. Unfortunately, many never get there because they know their parents would arrange a marriage for them. This I find highly destructive. If you want a child to learn how to ride a bike, you must let go of the bike. So long you are holding it, you are not letting the child grow up. You are stunting his growth. Therefore, I find arrange marriage to be fundamentally wrong. It impedes individual and social growth.

For a man, marriage is of great influence when he is 15-22. He is at a crossroads at this point. These years determine whether he will serve forces of good or of evil. People still change after that but not much. Their attitudes crystallize, and their ego and pride develop with age, making them blind. A culture where men are encouraged to marry at this age is likely to have the least amount of promiscuity. It is common knowledge that men pick don’t pick the same kind of women for marriage that they pick for flings. When they are not encouraged to seek positive and serious relationships with women, they fall to the flesh. They start to worship promiscuous girls. Thus, we see a culture of justified fornication in the veil of freedom, when it is really slavery to the flesh. How can a man be called free if he is trapped by desire? And how can a man be moral if he not free to make moral choices? At the same time, promiscuous girls start to get praised for promiscuity. They don’t know that no one would marry them, that society is merely taking advantage of them. Once they learn the truth, they avenge against society. This is what we see as post-modern feminism.

I understand that governments want to control the population. Thus, we see propaganda against timely marriage. But overpopulation is a myth. Population is not a burden. Don't fall for the propaganda.

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