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Why Life-Long Employment Is Not Normal

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The natural/normal way to produce income is to make and sell valuable products. Customers want valuable products more than money, which is why they exchange their earnings for them. They would happily pay more for a dependable product. They would want you to succeed so they can have access to better products. They would tell their friends about you if you have greatly enhanced their life with your products. They would stand in lines to get a great product.

On the contrary, firms don't want employees. Ever seen recruiters stand in line to get an employee? Me neither. The goal of a typical employer is to hire as few employees as possible and then pay them as little as possible. In fact, they would rather not hire anyone if they could. Employees are a cost to them. And all of this is justified.

Since people are cheap, firms must abuse their employees to produce cheap products. When was the last time you asked how much employees who produced a product you wanted to buy were paid? You probably only asked how much it cost you because you are just as self-centered. If firms don't abuse their employees, their competitors would. You'd then would pick them in the marketplace.

You may think that a good firm would cut its margins to pay its employees more. If they do, they would have less money than their competitors to grow, market, and innovate. In comparison, firms that continue to treat their employees like cattle would be able to make cheaper products, sell more, and use the margins to market heavily and innovate. The more they succeed, the more people like you would invest in them. Their stocks would skyrocket, which would make you like them even more. Thus, you are part of the problem. It is partly because you want to buy cheap products that firms are incentivized to treat their employees like cattle.

The love of money is, in fact, the root of all evil.

Even if people were not cheap, firms would prefer to pay their employees meagerly so they retain as much as they can. There are always people standing in lines for jobs. Employes are replaceable like livestock. This is just not normal. Employee life is bound to suck because it is unnatural.

Therefore, serve the market directly, not via a firm. The more valuable your product, the more people would pay you. If you work for the market, you will always have a better life than you would if you work for a firm. You are an asset to the market but a liability to employers. They even have an accounting term --payroll liability.

Another reason why wage slavery is not normal is that it keeps you dependent on a master. So long he is happy, you are eating. When he is mad, you will have to find another master. How people stay employed all their lives is beyond my understanding. You can never be independent as a wage slave.

I have continued this line of thought here.

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