Why Philosophers Are Bound To Be Poor

Updated: Mar 6

They tend to the ahead of their time, which is why people take time to catch up with them. This is why their words often sound like prophesy. They become rich and famous (societal definition of success) late in life or sometimes posthumously. An example can be David Icke. When he first came out with his books, no one took him seriously. He was laughed at. This is because the world was not ready for his revelations. It took the world a few decades to catch up with him.

In comparison, businessmen are likely to be rich because they ride with the market. They don’t allow themselves to get too ahead of the market. Their goal is not to exercise their intellect but to produce income. They deal with exactly what the market wants right now and will want in the near future.

Employees are the suckers here. They have to constantly educate themselves on skills that are already in demand. This means they always enter their market in its maturity phase, not in its early phase. Thus, they always lag behind the market. They always end up with leftovers.

This is just how it is. The further ahead or behind you are of the market, the poorer you are gonna be. If your activities are synchronized with the market, you will do good financially.

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Economic success somehow corrupts the mind of man. Perhaps, it is the power that comes with money. Poverty is by means to be celebrated.

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