Why Pride Is An Enemy Of Humanity

1. Proudly Indian - My mother gets surprised when I tell her stories from the American South. She never guessed that Churchian and Christian girls were told to glorify God, not their own bodies. She thought that India is some sort of a bastion of civilization. It is common for proud Indians to think that they are smarter, more spiritual, and more moral than the rest of the world. This does not allow them to appreciate that every nation has history, traditions, and literature. They don’t intentionally want to look down upon other nations, but pride doesn’t allow them to see their own prejudices.

2. Proud Feminists - I rememberer them from college. All feminists myths such as the pay gap and the rape myth have been debunked repeatedly, yet they were blind to the truth. They were mean, aggressive, and violent. I don’t think they were aware of their actions. Pride had blinded them.

3. Proudly Black - Influenced by leftist propaganda, some blacks on campus had become mean and insensitive to whites for just being white. My Indian peers felt like black were more racist than whites. But I don’t think they were aware of their hypocrisy. Pride had blinded them.

4. Proudly White aka white Supremacy- this is nothing new. History has seen enough of this. I wonder if they thought they were being immoral when they colonized India.

5. Proud Churchains - Tell them you don’t have food and they will be ready to bring food. Tell them you are looking for a job. They will ask you to become Churchain first. Try to sell your services, but they'll prefer to buy it from Churchians. You are welcome to beg a church for food, but you can’t work in the kitchen. They were making people dependent on them. They were humiliating them. They were as hypocritical as a government, but I don’t think they were aware of their hypocrisy. Pride had blinded them.

I know there are higher forces that are trying to infiltrate the mind of man. I understand they have poured massive amounts of money to make people drunk with self-righteousness and blind with pride. But, people, too, are partly responsible for it. They have taken the bait. Only truth can now set them free. Therefore, hear me out as I tell the truth. Don’t be proud of anything. Don’t get tempted by those who tell you to be proud of your nation, religion, skin color, history, beauty, wealth, etc. Abandon all forms of pride. Be driven by love and friendship. So long you look for a friend in every human, you will be immune to pride and your being shall stay pure. You shall not be blind.

Don’t think you can be proud and yet appreciate others. That’s a trap. You won’t even be self-aware when you begin treating others as less than you. Pride makes you blind. Humility makes you wise.

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