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Why The Physical Realm Is An Illusion

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

I really want people to see beyond the physical. Our 5-sense world is really an illusion.

Consider Wifi & Bluetooth. When we connect a phone to a Bluetooth speaker, electrical fluctuations travel out to the device’s antenna. If we did this in 1500, people would have called it spooky. Just how did the speaker start playing by itself? The understanding can be used to discredit alleged paranormal activities. But it can also be used to validate the same.

There is a lot happening that we can’t see and experience. We don’t see the cosmic microwave background, but it is omnipresent. What else is omnipresent that we don’t see? We see so little that, relying on our eyes, we are pretty much blind. We can’t even see Bluetooth and Wi-Fi though we can easily detect and verify both using our tiny devices.

The 3-dimensional physicality seems to be an utter illusion. We assume that some stuff is matter/physical because we can’t pass through them. Non-physical things we call immaterial, spiritual, or just mythical. But what we perceive as physical vs non-physical depends on what we are.

Imagine being a gamma ray. You would pass through concrete walls like a ghost. Its presence would feel like what humans describe as spiritual. How you interact with the world would fundamentally change. You would bump into electrons and other tiny things that humans can't see, while things that humans perceive as physical/material would look like empty air.

Similarly, if you become a being of low frequency, let’s say of radio waves, you would be able to bend around and penetrate walls. The lesser your frequency, the less would you feel the physical presence of things humans call physical, while a lot of what humans call imperceptible would become material/physical. You would bump into TV signals and Wi-Fi, things you never bumped into as human. A colony of wifi would look like traffic in a busy city.

We are perhaps beings of light. We see through and interact with everything light sees through and interacts with. There may be beings of lower and higher frequencies that we don’t see and interact with, in whose perspective, our light world may be spiritual/non-physical/mythical.

Chances are there is no difference between the physical and the non-physical. What we are we biasedly call real or physical. What we are not we ignorantly call spiritual, supernatural, paranormal, or just mythical. Such an egotistical point of view exhibits nothing but man’s ego.

The physical and the non-physical are probably one. It is probably one continuum. We can understand this much just by looking at the spectrum, as I did above. However, the spectrum may just be a small part of all that there is. What is there in a vast universe outside one defined by oscillating charges? Possibilities are endless.

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