Why Truth Can Only Be Formless

Updated: Mar 1

All forms are subject to interpretation. [Without interpretation, it is impossible to unform a form. All interpretations are subjective because they are processed by subjects] Interpretation depends heavily on the subject’s place of birth, education, life experiences, etc. An attempt to say anything can distort what was meant to be said.

To allow no subjective interpretation, [for truth to be uninterpretable] it must be formless. Only then can we arrive at [/become/experience] objective truth. It can’t be read, listened to, or looked at by a subject. It can only be revealed to those who have given up their subject. Or it is already out in the open, but subjects are blind to it.

This is one reason why investment in education has made people dumb. Only forms can be defined, categorized, and studied. Every discipline developed in educational institutions is nothing but form worship. In fact, universities have made a business out of creating more courses and disciplines (more forms). Thus, institutional education is bound to make people dumb. {The economic law is satisfied here again. If you want to retard an industry, get the government involved in it. }

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