Why Tyranny Is A Consequence Of Sin

Updated: May 1

Some think that a few want to rule the rest, but they are missing the point. The imminent tyranny is a consequence of sin. Even if you find and kill the small network of people who want to dictate everything from the top, new people will rise up to fill in their shoes. The problem is not sinners but sin. Look around you. There are tyrants everywhere, trying to obtain more power. Parents control their children and think it is the right thing to do. Teachers like students they can control and dislike those who ask questions. A friend in college told me that I would never get married because I can’t be controlled. Girls want to control their husband. It's crazy that they think it is normal, not psychopathic. Everyone in a position of power appears inclined to abuse it to propel himself/herself. And these are minor examples. The power young girls hold over young guys is nothing compared to what corporate heads, bankers, and politicians have over the proletariat. It is naive of people to think that a tyrant is the problem. Tyranny is the problem. That everyday people practice tyranny in its different forms and think it is right is the problem. We must see all forms of tyranny for what it is -- psychopathy or simply corruption caused by power.

It is true that humanity will be enslaved as it already is. This tyranny will continue and get worse every passing year until humans surrender their pride and give up holding on to all things man-made. The tyrant living inside them must be eliminated for the one outside to disappear. The tyrant has no face, no name, for he is not a person. He lives in all of us. When we sin, we feed him and become slaves to ourselves. When we stop feeding him, he disappears and we become free. Therefore, we must cleanse outselves from the inside. We must tell the truth, for the truth shall set us free.

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