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Why Were Southern Churchians So Immoral?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

All my friends felt like subject animals and quit talking to them within a few months. They often invited us to worship and Bible study not to get to know us but to convert us. They were unaware that they were lying to us and deceiving us. Just visit a Churchian girl’s Instagram. You will see “God is great. God blessed me with a job. God this. God that". Not only they say God's name in vain, they use God to virtue signal, which is even worse. They often avoided hiring and doing business with gentiles. They didn't date/marry gentiles. Back in my sophomore year, walking on Lee Blvd to campus, passing by Wessely Foundation and Baptist Student Union, I wondered why Churchians were so immoral.

I hypothesized that they were immoral because their source of morality was external. They did things because it said so in the Bible or because they feared God. When asked why she needed religion, a Chrurchian girl once explained to me, “why be moral?” She didn't care about my response at all. Gentiles, however, had to rationally evaluate their moral choices, a process that refined their internal moral compass. Those who need a book or a religion to be moral are morally undeveloped from within. Therefore, they can easily be corrupted with money, power, and pride. It is funny so many Churchians were porn addicts. I wasn't surprised at all.

Another problem was the apotheosis of the Bible as the legit word of God. As any philosophically inclined man knows, complex ideas are hard to put into words, to begin with. Translation further distorts the meaning. Republishing induces more errors. Since religion is used to pacify the masses, it is also possible that political powers have purposefully edited religious texts to rule the minds of men. One such effort is going on in China (Fahey). There is no reason to think it hasn't happened before. Thus, you can change the word and mislead those of blind faith much like how the pigs insidiously changed the 7 commandments in Animal Farm. Books can be removed or added based on where their Gods (pastors, churches, donors) want them to go.

Consider an example of the Bible misleading them. Churchians don’t marry gentiles because 2 Corinthians 6:14 says so. Compare that to Christ saying, "love your enemies." He was the kind of dude who would marry his enemy's daughter or a prostitute. How is Paul consistent with Christ? Yet he claims to represent him. He rather sounds snobby like a rich pastor at a megachurch. Brainwashed by his writings, many Churchian women used to reject non-Churchian men. They either stayed single or married immoral Churchians who made their lives hell. Then, they'd blame men or God when they wre simply facing the wages of their sin. Had they looked for virtue and beauty, not for superficial things like ideological synchrony, their lives would have turned out differently. A mind driven by reason must reject the Bible when it clashes with higher truths. All books, religions, and nations must yield to truth. But a mind driven by religion rejects truth, hence, becomes sinful.

They were brainwashed to think that rationality is a belief system just like Churchianity. They picked the latter because they were programmed to. This led to some serious moral flaws. Consider usury. Those who understand that usury can economically destroy a nation and enslave its people condemn it. Since Churchians prefer the Bible over economics (based on rationality), all you have to do is put them in a situation where they can earn a lot of money and power via usury and they will find verses in the Bible to justify it. Reason guides men from the inside. Religion guides them externally. Morally, they remain on shaky grounds.

Finally, their little churches had told them that are going to heaven just because they are Churchians. It made them insensitive and reckless. Almost no young Churchian understood that what goes around must come around. They say they don’t believe in it. Fine. Truth is not an object of belief. From my second semester, I still remember asking them why they wasted so much food. To them, it was not even being wasteful. Joshua spurted to Brittany, “we are Churchians. We are going to heaven." It’s been years since 2016, but I can never forget the spiritual pride on their faces. Churchianity had drugged them wasted.

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