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Why Women Fail To Understand Hypergamy

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The concept of hypergamy can't be crudely borrowed from the animal kingdom. Unlike animals, humans are more heterogeneous. A poor man can become rich and vice-versa. In this way, the so-called dominance hierarchy is not animalistic. It is fluid and full of movement.

I understand that women would like average guys, who work hard, get their hands dirty, have survival skills, know how to fix and build things, know how to chop wood and make fire. I have always known that women would find these things attractive. We men know that most guys are like this. All my friends are like this. I have never had a friend who had no knowledge of fixing everyday electrical and mechanical things. I have never had a friend who was afraid to get his hands dirty. At the same time, I have never known a guy whom women were lining up for. What explains this discrepancy? Why weren't women lining up for the kind of guys I would recommend to a sister?

Guess what causes a man to pick up skills? Boys born in working-class families have to learn life skills, street skills, home skills, etc. As a 9-year-old, I used to go to the local market with my father. Is it surprising that I can tell by sniffing whether a mango came from a tree or a box full of Calcium Carbide? Since I lacked toys, I would play around with broken electrical shit to make my own toys. In college, I learned how to cook and do laundry. Before heading to college, I learned a bit of sewing, which I improved upon when I needed to stitch some shit up. Most boys from the working class more or less have these skills. Boys born in elite families are soft because everything is done for them.

If you are a woman who complains about soft entitled boys, you have only known elite men. Chances are, you have never even known an average guy. This is hypergamy. Most girls do not know that working-class men are often more well-rounded and street smart than elite men, because they have never given them a chance to be known. Therefore, it is a discovery for women when they finally do get to know a blue collared worker but common knowledge for men. This does not mean that working-class men can't immature. It's just less likely because they grew up unable to pay others to solve their problems.

In short, hypergamy in humans does not mean selecting only from the top. It means getting to know men only at the top. If a woman honestly gets to know an average man, she would probably like him no less than elite men. But this getting to know happens very rarely. Ever seen a girl follow an average guys's Instagram or Twitter like she follows an elite guy's? Me neither. Those who do find a great guy early in life.

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