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Why Women May Not Be Suited For Leadership

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Leadership requires a kind of individual sacrifice that most women cannot afford.

What's the worst that can happen to a man? He can get enslaved, robbed, or gunned down. Imagine the worst that can happen to a woman: everything that can happen to a man in addition to rape and abduction into sex slavery. This slavery can be life-long.

In one aspect, life is harder for women because they are the weaker section of society. This may be why they tend to be collectivists. They form packs with women they agree with. They incline to vote for collectivist and socialist policies. They need support from society.

A leader has to be ready to sacrifice everything to tell the truth. If he gets ostracized, so be it. Live in the woods, as some do. There is a cost of criticizing society and telling the truth. It is too much for women. They can't afford to have everyone turn against them because they criticized and exposed some eminent personalities. They can't afford to escape to the wilderness to protect themselves when powerful people come to hunt them. Male leaders have historically done so. Women cannot afford to get shunned by society. They will lose access to societal resources, without which, they likely won't survive.

A deer can't rule the jungle. Since it depends on its pack for safety, it can't speak out against its pack. Only a lion, a tiger, or an eagle can rule the jungle because these animals are apex predators. They can afford to live without a pack. Similarly, women and weak men are not naturally suited for leadership. Men who can't enjoy poverty as much opulence aren't suited for leadership. Men who can't live without food, wine, and women are also not suited for leadership. Truth won't inspire any of these men. Even if they received truth, they would fail to act because they are trapped by worldly desires, fears, and pleasures.

This is not to say that women shouldn't have the opportunity. They are welcome to be leaders if they wish to. This is definitely to say that men are not only naturally more fit for leadership but also responsible for it. The burden of leadership lies on men. They have a responsibility to tell the truth because they can. Women had better form alliances with righteous men and be willing to abandon society with them. They must also raise strong truthful men. There can contribute in a variety of ways, outright rebellion is just not one of them, unless they are ready to lose all societal privileges, in which case, they are welcome to lead.

P.S. I learned this in the American south, back in 2018 and 2019. Some Christians girls quietly rebelled against the tyranny of southern churches by surreptitiously helping those who spoke against them. They couldn't rebel outrightly. I understood why women can't afford to lead like men can.

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