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Why You Are Part Of The Problem

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Individuals can still win if they don't sin.

I did not bribe anyone to get my driver's license and passport. In high school, I didn't cheat on tests. I was called stupid for not cheating when everyone else was. I did not send fake certificates and fake recommendation letters to colleges when I applied. I went all the way to Kolkata to speak to people at USIEF. Even they advised me to write my own recommendation letters because this is how things work in India. I refused. I ended up not applying to colleges that ask for recommendation letters until I found two teachers from the first high school I had attended. One ghosted me later. So, I don't know how things turned out. Yes, my ways made my life far too difficult but I did it anyway. I paid the price.

Individuals are also part of the problem. They keeping empowering their rulers by working for them, buying from them, and sinning for them. Most people who criticize people in positions of power would do exactly the same thing if they had those positions, because "everyone does it". That's the fallacy of popular opinion, but they don't understand logical fallacies. Similarly, Indians complain about the mindcontrol (control=govern, mind=ment), yet they pay bribes to get government jobs so they can be just as corrupt and rich. My father and grandmother both complain about the mindcontrol, yet they both worked all their lives for the gov. Thus, I see them all as part of the problem.

Corruption and conspiracy are enabled by everyday people who are complicit in it. Read this one and this one. The system is the result of every individual's actions. Some think that people make immoral choices because they need money for rent and food, but this view is intellectually vacuous. People start making immoral choices way before they enter the workforce. In school, boys agreed to teachers because they wanted more opportunities, power, and girls. They were not agreeing because they needed money for rent. Men at my college supported feminism and Churchianity because they wanted to get laid. And girls rarely came without a cult affiliation. Again they were not supporting propaganda and religion for rent. For short-term benefits, for girls and power, people support lies and those who lie, much before they enter the workforce. Many want wealth not because they lack something but because they want to show off to others. They are deeply insecure. This is because they lack good role models. Their parents failed to teach them morality and virtue. This is really where everything stems from.

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