Why You Should Be A Free Agent

Updated: Mar 6

This post continues the ideas presented here

When you are a freelancer, clients are your customers. It is a fundamentally different relationship. They would support you and would want you to do good. They benefit from your doing good. They would have to keep their ego aside because they are replaceable here. You don't have to continue working with them. You can move on. This is a service provider-client relationship. They want your service more than money, which is why they would be open to pay you fairly.

In comparison, if you are an employee, their priority is customers. You are a slave to them. To please their customers with cheap products, they would make you work long hours for as little pay as possible. Here, your employer is your only source of income. You are dependent on them. You are replaceable. Thus, you have no bargaining power. This is a master-slave relationship. They want money more than your labor, which is they would want to pay you as little as possible.

Wake up. The lifestyle that has been normalized is neither normal nor natural. Humans are not supposed to live as wage slaves. Wage slaves are not free. They have no choice but to support their employers in whatever evils they are doing. Without freedom, society cannot be moral, because morality is predicated on freedom. Don't let the material world enslave you. Be free. Be a free agent. Be moral.

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