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Why You Shouldn't Deify Anyone/Anything

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Whatever you deify is assumed to be irreproachable. This means it or anyone who controls it can manipulate you. Think of priests, pastors, and religious leaders who call themselves holy or agents of God. They use their idols to ideologically control people.

In the Indian social hypnosis, parents and teachers are elevated to a divine status. It gives them a divine ability to ruin their children and students. When an Indian mother threatens to kill herself if her son doesn't marry the girl of her choice, this kind of narcissistic abuse is overlooked because parents are considered deities. In fact, parents think it is their right to dictate what their children study in college and who they marry. Even their brainwashed children think it is normal to be enslaved to someone else's whims and fancies. The deification of parents doesn't allow youth to understand that parents are also humans subject to the same vices as they are. They can be just as immoral as someone who is not a parent. So much abuse happens because of this form of idol worship.

Teachers are also deified which allows them a divine power to corrupt youth, which they have done to the best of their ability. Most of my teachers in school were beyond corrupt, but people were less inclined to criticize them. They were brainwashed to think that teachers are equivalent to God, as they say here in India. Such ideas are false. We must not deify anyone or anything. Whenever we do, we give the diety a divine power to mislead us. We become enslaved to the idol or whoever controls it.

Update on Dec 13, 2020 -

Those of pure conscience will abandon their idol if the idol does evil. Thus, they can't be brainwashed. A pure conscience is the best defense against evil.

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