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Women's Logic

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Men's logic: Is it or is it not?

Women's logic: Is it or Is it not? Either is or is not? Neither is nor is not? Sometimes is and other times isn't?

Traditional institutions of education teach a linear view of logic, which is only expected because traditionally only men went to and taught in school. This is not to say the linear view is correct. It is just that men readily fall for it, while many girls can't stand math and science. I feel that feminine intelligence and women's logic were inadvertently preserved before girls were pushed into STEM.

Today, I see an epidemic of linear logic. Take, for an example, white privilege. Men's logic suggests that a white person can either be privileged or not. Women's logic gives us a better picture. A white person can have white privilege when he is present in a racist environment. At the same time, he has no privilege when he is living or working among minorities. At the same time, he can be disadvantaged if he is working at a firm concerned about racial diversity. Applying women's logic, we realise that it was never a binary situation (one that yields only two responses). So the debate is futile.

It only follows that women's logic can't be preserved in mathematical structures but only in literary ones, because words can have multiple meanings at the same time.

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