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You Get What You Do

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I don’t think that banks are solely responsible for encouraging people to get into debt to buy property and stuff they can’t afford. This happens because people want the stuff, the cars, the house, and the women.

I don’t blame governments for ruling over people with money. People are equally responsible. They literally worship money. All their decisions are made to earn more money. Since they worship money, they become slaves to it until they die.

I don’t blame governments for making stupid laws, nor do I blame them for selling their nations to foreign powers. Do we not know how much people love government? They follow their laws as if they [laws] were divine commandments. Statists! they have turned into slaves. They think they can’t live without government. They have no faith in humanity and laws of nature/existence, so they put their faith in government and its laws. On what merit do these men deserve to be free?

Here's the principle: you become slaves to whatever you worship (to follow & consider something beyond reproach). Since men worship material wealth, money, and government, they get nothing but slavery of banks, money, and governments. Idol worshipers demand slavery. Why do they cry evil when they get it?

I don’t blame corporations for supporting the woke agenda. People have empowered them. Why do they buy unnecessary things to show off to others? Why do they work so hard at the same corporations just to earn more? Have they not done it for a long time? Why do they buy shares when they have more money instead of helping their family, friends, and neighbors. In the quest for money, they have empowered corporations by working for them, buying from them, and investing what's left back into them.

I don’t blame Facebook and Instagram for suppressing people who have been injured by C19 vaccines or are reporting someone who died or got injured. Just who has empowered Facebook and Instagram? People should have deleted both when they first heard of people’s getting banned, censored, or deboosted. But they kept participating and allowed the demon to grow so strong that social media is now creating a misinformation crisis. Imagine how dangerous it would be if you were looking for a car that had no negative reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube. You would be confident it’s a safe car, not knowing that all negative reviews have been removed or debunked as fake reviews or misinformation. What if when you crash, the media reports that it was merely a coincidence that the car exploded or lost control? And no one wants to hear you out. The same is happening with c19 vaccine survivors. People themselves have asked for it. If they had abandoned social media when others were getting deboosted and de-platformed, things would have not gotten this bad.

I don't blame the rich for income inequality. People refrain from spending money at local markets. They bargain hard with shopkeepers and small businesses but spend frivolously to get expensive phones and cars that are merely status symbols. As a result, small businesses struggle for the same money they throw at big brands only to look rich. They empower the rich and bargain with the average and the poor. On what merit do these people deserve equality? On what merit do these people deserve prosperity. They deserve to be slaves of money until they die. They deserve exactly what they get. They get exactly what they do.

Burn all books on this planet. Truth will still exist. This tells us that truth does not live in books. Books merely approximate some of it.

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